That's the familiar tagline for a new Pizza Hut spot, featuring Audrey I (cute and little) and Audrey II (big and imposing). You remember Audrey from "Little Shop of Horrors", starring Steve Martin and Rick Moranis. Although Rick actually helped Lyle Conway's crew make some of the Audrey III foam skins while in England working on Aliens in 1986 (Conway and Stan Winston shared the same latex foam oven), these aren't the old Audreys. These are brand new Audreys, specially built for the Pizza Hut ad on an extreme rush basis. How rushed? Both plants were created and completed in only 6 days. Wait, make that 6 loooooooong days!

The little Audrey I featured a foam latex head with a urethane underskull, and radio controlled jaw, lips, and smile. er head and leaves were operated by external rods. The big Audrey II had foam latex lips, a foam constructed/fiberglass-reinforced head, with a slip latex covering. 7 foot tall Audrey II required a puppeteer behind her to operate her huge head, one man on her jaw cable control, a radio control for her lip and smile mechs, and 4-6 people on her leaves and vines, both using rods and marionetting using dacron cord.

We'll get the finished spot up here soon. Until then, enjoy our progress pix and flix!

Click on the above pics to enlarge, click on the below pics to see movement tests.

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