Now, we dig into the dank, sick depths of our minds to bring forth...things with lotsa TEETH, mostly! In general the scary fx and characters we create are confined to the feature film arena. Some of the stuff is visceral, but you'll note a hint of fun in some of them, too. Need someone to do your blood-soaked low-budget slasher film? Here's the yellow pages. At TCS , we're not interested in gore for gore's sake, or gratuitous violence. Exploring dark themes or a good old-fashioned scare, while delivering the same kind of creativity and quality as we do with our other work, is what's up our dark alley.

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2 kb (Full Size 18 kb) For 20th Century Fox's THE SANDLOT, TCS created various versions and insert pieces of a fantastically oversized roman mastiff to play the "Beast".

2 kb (Full Size 21 kb) For a Coca-Cola spot shown during the Academy Awards, and directed by Richard Donner. The Alien features moving tendrils, cowl, tongue, jaw, lips, brows, and eyes.
Also featured on an episode of the Discovery Channel's Movie Magic.

3 kb (Full Size 23 kb) Puppet created, shot, but ultimately cut from a film called THE UNHOLY. (Rush right out to your local video store and rent anything but The Unholy!) Featured cable WaldoÆ controlled arms, servo-operated head movement.
Created by David Sosalla, Rick Lazzarini, and Mike Sorenson at Apogee, Inc.

2 kb (Full Size 14 kb) Created at Boss Film for a Showscan Chevrolet spot, a cable controlled alien creature with animatronic eyes, neck, head, snout, and "neemie-neemie" movements.
Mechanical design and supervision by Rick Lazzarini, Cosmetic Design by Screaming Mad George.

2 kb (Full Size 11 kb) Prosthetic Freddy Krueger appliance, womb set, and animatronic fetus created for NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET V.
That's Rick in the Freddy makeup!

2 kb (Full Size 12 kb) A decapitated, mummified head, featured in a great, big close-up in GHOSTBUSTERS II.
Sculpted at TCS by Adam Jones, now guitarist (and music video director for the band "TOOL".

2 kb (Full Size 12 kb) Theater Ghost from GHOSTBUSTERS II.
Rod operated wings, limbs, and tail. Featured animatronic jaw and (six!) brow movements, controlled by TCS' Facial WaldoÆ.

2 kb (Full Size 13 kb) Weird tortured baby-dog head. Worn by a Rottweiler dog for NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET II.

3 kb (Full Size 15 kb) Frog Ghost made for GHOSTBUSTERS II.
Featured animatronic mouth, eye, and brow movements, controlled by TCS' Facial WaldoÆ. Tongue and arms controlled by the poor fool inside!
Shot for, but not included in the final film. Ivan Reitman claimed it wasn't "scary" enough!


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