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Director Noam Murro and Art Director John Reinhart sought out the talents of TCS when they had to create a towering mass of humanity for an Adidas spot featuring Minnesota Timberwolves star and NBA MVP Kevin Garnett. While CGI would be used to create and composite the majority of the humans piling up on Garnett's shoulders, a prosthetic tie-in piece was needed. Rick and the gang at The Character Shop put together a lightweight set 4 posable dummy bodies, with detailed, lifelike silicone hands, all mounted on a comfortable, back-friendly harness.

Extensive pictures and measurements were taken of the actors in order to faithfully duplicate their dimensions, skin color, and form. The challenges were keeping it all lightweight, comfortable, accurate, realistic, and above all, undetectable as to how the gag was done. Method Studios was responsible for tying together the 2D and 3D elements. Combined with a soaring rendition of "He's got the whole world in his hands" by Etta James, and the spot is not only a soulful crowd pleaser, but also deemed worthy of an ADWEEK "Best Spot" mention!

(see also the original article at the ADWEEK site)


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