Old Navy's Fash

I'm yo puppet...!

Old Navy took a crack at an off-kilter, viral campaign, based on a strange, silent puppet we created named "Fash". Fash was a Marionette *and* a Rod Puppet (and a dessert, and a floorwax!). Fash appeared in movie theaters in the Summer of '06, hanging out with cutie Kristin Bell, and showing up all over YouTube.

Fash had four distinct, custom-made, carefully crafted miniature outfits. His arms, legs, neck, and body were carved from wood, while his hands and head were sculpted, molded, then cast in rigid polyurethane resin, and painted to look like wood. Fash is a ladies' puppet and he's on the prowl so WATCH OUT!

See Fash under construction and in action, yeah!

"Fash Date" (1.1mb QuickTime) "Fash Telenovela" (2.9mb QuickTime)

"Fash Drums" (4.8mb QuickTime) "Fash Dance 2" (8.4mb QuickTime)



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