...Been a Fugitive for goin' on 20 years, now!


You would think that a pair of career Fugitives would know when to hang it up. All they ever is run into a wall, beset by failure. Or is it... (pinky in mouth corner)...Success? The Foster Imposters, 2 ne'er-do-well Chickens, have been starring in the the Foster Farms ad campaign for over 20 YEARS NOW! Well, Happy Anniversary to us! It was 20 years ago that Goodby Silverstein Creative/Art Director (and now Director) Tom Routson and legendary Creative/Writer (and now also Director) Bob Kerstetter approached Rick Lazzarini and The Character Shop with a zany task: Create two goof-up Chicken Characters to help promote Foster Farms' line of natural chicken products. And we're celebrating with a new multi-spot campaign!

From the very first "Your Mongoose looks like a Dog!" Tattoo Parlor spot, to this most recent batch, there have been over 40 epic commercials shot featuring the wily Imposters. In this most recent effort, Gentlemen from Go Film directed the Chickens (Puppeteered by Drew Massey, Terry Hardin Jackson, Rick Lazzarini, and Frank Langley, with voice work by Kerstetter) in a clean, midnight-downtown Heist flick reminiscent of Michael Mann's smoothest work.

The Imposters skulk, creep, tiptoe, rappel, and finagle their way past obstacles, in order to improperly gain the grail; The American Human Association Certificate that certifies Foster Farms as an ethical producer of natural poultry.

Check out the pics and the link to the spot. Will they get it this time? Whadda YOU think?!


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