Purdue Chickens



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 For Client Perdue Chicken, Agency Del Rivero Messianu, Director Bob Rice and Plum Productions, TCS created a pair of pathetic poultry personalities. To bring home the fact that Perdue's freshest chickens are never frozen, nor given steroids, a pair of ads show the results of succumbing to both those perils!

The Muscle chicken was performed Bunraku style, with green-suited puppeteered operating his head, arms, and feet via rods. Shot via lock off, the rods and operators were digitally rotoscoped out in post. He also featured a radio-contolled beak, eye side-to-side, blink, and eye bulge movements.

The Frozen chicken featured a detachable tail, rod operated head, body, and "shiver" movements, and R/C beak, eye, and blink movements.

The pictures above are from near-final movement tests. To get a feel for the design process from start to near-finish, have a look at the following links. Though not all of the links currently work, they'll give you a good idea of how we keep our Client, Agency, and Production Company up to date with our progress on the web:

Initial Designs

3D Forms/Wardrobe Choices

Frozen Chicken Movement tests

Muscle Chicken Movement Tests


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