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So, okay, sure. We make lotsa cute 'n' fuzzy critters. Help to sell lotsa drinks and snacks. But that's not all there is to our craft, to our creativity, to our art. Here's our response to the question: "Well, but can you do any realistic effects?" These pictures are of a hyper-realistic human replica we are doing for a special project. Made from translucent, flesh-like silicone, with custom-designed eyes, every pore was sculpted by hand, every hair inserted one at a time with a needle.


AY! You know dis guy? You talkin' ta ME? Whussat? Oh, you wanna know if we've ever made a realistic Joe Pesci head before...


We then took it a step further, creating three different stages...


which were then used as target frames for a morph sequence:

View 1.3mb morphmovie here

Got bandwidth? Click on each pic to see a larger version of the picture.

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