We created an incredibly realistic bloodhound replica for "Sweet Home Alabama", starring Reese Witherspoon, a Touchstone Films Production, currently in release. By the way, "Sweet Home Alabama" took the top box-office spot on its' opening day! Production manager Sara White  (who we worked with on Barry Sonnenfeld's "Big Trouble") rang us up with an unusual request; create an authentic looking double of a bloodhound dog's head, so it could be submerged, then quickly emerge from a pond of water. Apparently, the real dog wasn't too good at holding his breath and emerging on cue!

So, Sara and the trainer sent us pics of "Baron", and we went to work creating a very nice duplicate. Below, you can see the different stages; sculpture, painted skin, and final product with fur applied, using our Creature Flocker™.

  baron sculpt  

baron painted

baron done

View the "Sweet Home Alabama" Trailer, at either:

480x 260 (25 MB)


240 x 136 (5 MB)


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