"Do you wanna smell *my* hands?"

Ford Motor Company has recently introduced the exciting 2012 Ford Focus. It's been lovingly redesigned and, well, it's bitchin' and it rocks hard. To help make America aware of its technological innovations, sweet styling, and new features, Ford and their Agency Team Detroit decided on the only logical conclusion: Use a puppet! One named Doug! Not only that, but film some attention-getting spots with an amazing comedy Director, Paul Feig (The Office, Freaks and Geeks, the upcoming "Bridesmaids"), a gaggle of top-notch comedy writers, and pump up the improv with acclaimed actor/comedian Paul F. Tompkins to provide Doug's voice and zany personality.

Doug's making the rounds on the social media scene; he's got his own YouTube channel, FaceBook, and Twitter accounts. His heroics have been documented and archived by now for all to appreciate. He's saved a man from having a heart attack on a bus. He's given a choking woman a new lease on life by expertly applying the Heimlich maneuver. And he's foiled an armed robbery with a flurry of end-cap items and a blistering display of what can only be called Pup-Fu.

America loves a Hero. A stoic, humble, figure who does a good turn and asks for nothing in return. Well, Doug isn't like that. Ford decided to reward Doug for his actions by lending him a beautiful 2012 Focus to drive around for a few months, but Doug seems to have the idea that he's keeping it. His driving companion, John, a Ford Marketing Specialist, has the challenging job of keeping Doug in line. It isn't easy. Doug's sense of entitlement is pretty nervy, and his other social skills are...different. He likes to call ladies "Pretty Pants". He thinks nothing of asking John's boss out for dinner. Or asking to smell her hands. Or asking if *she* wants to smell *his* hands!

But somehow, Doug remains charming. Fleecey. Orange. And hilarious. Hey, we're the Character Shop. We know an awesome puppet when we see one. Doug 's promised to release new videos every week. We can't wait to see what he comes up with next!


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