Giant Rube Goldberg Machine for Rob Dyrdek!

Imaginative Kinetic Installation fills 70' by 200' Fantasy Factory Warehouse

Rob Dyrdek's MTV series "Fantasy Factory" has given Practical FX Wizard Rick Lazzarini and crew plenty of challenges over the years; but nothing the size and scope of this gigantic Rube Goldberg machine to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Given the task to "fill the space" with as many colofrul, large-scale elements as possible, Rick and the clever elves at The Character Shop created an incredible array of fun-to-watch sequences, all chained together, for an impressive machine indeed!

It started, as all good Rube Goldberg machines do, with a description and a cartoon!

Do you have a Corporate Event coming up? A scene in a Film or T.V. show that could use a crazy, wild Rube Goldberg machine? A Bar Mitzvah? We'll customize to your theme!In the meantime, enjoy various images and test movies made during the build and installation...

Whether you're a Producer, Art Director, Prop Master, or Production Designer, you can have incredible Kinetic creations for your Production. Need incredible imagination and technological wizardry for your Film, Television Show, or Live Event? Contact The Character Shop at 805-306-9441 or lazzwaldo at!


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