Geico relied on TCS for cool FX. It's what you do.

Blob-like Alien life form grows on you, thanks to Rick Lazzarini and Crew at The Character Shop

Geico's Ad Agency hired Director Harold Einstein to helm a recent commercial featuring a rapidly-evolving lump of ectoplasm, and Harold's the kind of Director who loves Practical FX work; he wants to see it right before his eyes. As he'd worked with Rick and the TCS crew in the past (Little Caesar's, Foster Farms), Harold once again relied on their ingenuity, eagerness, and skill to create several different elements that could depict this fast-growing blob:

Creating the life from started with breaking it down into 4 primary elements: The Blob-in-a-box (which grows/expends and breaks free), the Leg Blob, the halfway-up Blob, and the All-Consuming Blob. All references to "Blob", by the way, are simply rough working terms and have absolutely NO relationship or intentional resemblance to the original and 1988 films of the same name, and even though you see project photos and images that feature a bubblegum pink hue, use an internal visual filter to turn those green, since that's what the Post-Effects colorists did to the final spot, because hey, Lawyers!


With the exception of the Leg Blo-er, thing, all of the Life Form', forms...were articulated, animated, and brought to life via a team of TCS Puppeteers, giving the oozing gob a pulsating, organic life. The material was Platinum-based silicone, chosen for its translucency, ease of coloration, slimy look, and stretchability.

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