You want me to grab it? 'Cuz I'll GRAB it!


This awesome aluminum robot has an amazing 18 functions, enabling it to travel, spin, rise up, and use its arms in a very human-like manner, capable of very dextrous movements. It's got shoulder rotate, shoulder up/down, elbow bend, wrist rotate, wrist flex, and robotic gripper claw hands that open and close!


Originally built with German precision for Disney's "Flubber" in 1996, this robot is extremely well-made. The Prop Store of London and Los Angeles obtained this fantastic animatronic set of robot arms in a studio asset sale. Rick Lazzarini, head of The Character Shop, spotted the robot while visiting there (TCS performs some very delicate restorations on some of the most iconic screen-used props and costumes in the Prop Store inventory). A deal was struck, and soon the robot had a new owner! Meticulously checked out, there were only 3 functions found that would need repair to make it 100% again! All else, ready to GO!


The robot arms can even be separated from the mobile base and mounted on another frame, mobile base, or cosmetic enclosure. Paired up with TCS' Dual Arm Waldo™, the arms and claws are capable of very dextrous, delicate work, and with a decent payload capacity as well.

Have a commercial, feature,TV show or live event where something like this could come in "handy"? Give us a call! We'll modify it as needed, rent it to your production, and send out the necessary personnel and support equipment.


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