TCS gets all Puppety for Broadway's "Shrek The Musical"

In addition to creating the Huge, 17 foot tall Dragon for the Smash Broadway Hit "Shrek The Musical", TCS Head Honcho Rick Lazzarini and crew were also given the opportunity to create a menagerie of silly, stylized, and pretty puppets for the shows' "Travelling Song" number. Consisting of Birds, Butterflies, Rabbits, a Puss'n'Boots replica, a Willow-Patterned Dish who runs away with a very ornate Spoon, a Medieval Cop Ca..., er...Carriage, and several expatriates from Pride Rock, TCS' puppets keep Shrek and Donkey (Brian d'Arcy James and Daniel Breaker) company as they wend their way towards Dulock.

In addition, Princess Fiona (Sutton Foster) warbles up a duet with a pretty bird, but, as in the film, it gets competitive, with explosive results!

Using both sculpt/mold/cast and direct construction methods, TCS created the puppets, as designed by Production and Puppet Designer Tim Hatley, over a 6 week period. They are a hit on Broadway; perhaps they'll find their way to your town when the touring company of "Shrek The Musical" hits the road in June 2010!

Check out the links to progress pages, movies, and pics!


Puppet Progress Page:                                        TCS Shrek Puppet progress


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