TCS creates amazing Exoskeleton Legs!

TCS designs and engineers a remarkable effect for Netflix' "Yes Day."

Director Miguel Arteta and Propmaster Tim Wiles needed a very special effect for the Jennifer Garner Netflix film "Yes Day." Her husband, played by Edgar Ramirez, works at a High Tech Invention Startup. In a brief scene, a pair of Exoskeletal Robotic Legs malfunctions, to comic effect.

What was needed was something that looked like a believable set of Exoskeletal legs, enabling the wearer to amplify their movements from the hip down. Rick Lazzarini and his clever crew at The Character Shop tackled the challenge, using machining, thermoforming, bodyshopping, mechanical, animatronic, and electronics techniques to create a very convincing set of Robotic legs (and Brain Control Cap!).

Have a look at the Making of Progress pics and Behind the Scenes shots to see the complexity involved in creating a fully articulated, multi-jointed, sleek yet robust, and functional-looking action Prop/Costume effect such as this!


Whether you're a Producer, Art Director, Prop Master, Production Designer, Private Collector, Inventor, Burning Man Artistic Investor, or Exhibit Designer... you can have incredible animatronic creations for your Production or Project. Need incredible imagination and technological wizardry for your Film, Television Show, or Live Event? Contact The Character Shop at 805-306-9441 or lazzwaldo at!


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